1Dawah Salafi Nikah Quran 30:21
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Why Use 1Dawah Salafi Nikah? its a Question well worth asking...

Of the many reasons we recommend that you search via our service is........


1) We only accept salafi 'Brothers' whose profiles (and sometimes reference) we investigate to establish that they had an adequate understanding of the Sunnah and the manhaj of the Salaf. (This is not done out of any form of assabiyah but purely because we have a responsibility to our sisters least that we would give one of them to a brother who has a corrupt understanding of Islam, which will therefore contaminate her understanding, and lead her further away from that which is more correct).

2) We have taken months of planning and done our utmost  to make this service 100% halal, therefore no direct chat or messaging takes place between brothers and sisters, and no pictures can be seen or viewed without the consent of the appropriate parties (and/or there representatives). 

3) As we are a non-for-profit charity we have tried to make this service affordable for all, thus we ask for less than £0.42p per month (£5 per annum) from each candidate to help cover our costs and support our dawah.

4) We hold user confidentiality as one of our foremost concerns, in that every user has the right to remain anonymous until they had found someone suitable and they wish to make contact. Also we have a very strict data protection policy, therefore we are able to assure our users that there personal information will never be abused of viewed by anyone other than the website administration team (1 married male & 1 married female), neither will your contact information ever be disclosed without your full consent or passed to any sales companies. 

5) We also offer our users a discount rate Nikah service with a certified Salafi Imam at your home/Mosque/or venue of your choice , and we also can arrange and prepare a full halal walima (Wedding Banquet) service according to your budget.


 *** Salafi Nikah Registration Conditions ***

a) Sisters must have a wali.
b) Brothers must have a referee.
c) Sisters must have permission from their wali before they register to be part of this program.
d) Sisters and brothers must be over 16
e) Brothers must be upon the salafi manhaj
f) Pray your Salat ul istikharah

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